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Plastic surgeon, PhD

Full member of the European Academy of Natural Sciences. Hannover, Germany. The title of Honorary Doctor of the Armenian Branch of Russia Academy of Natural Sciences. Yerevan, Armenia. Full member of the Westeuropean Academy of Science and Culture. Herzogenrath, Germany. Full member of the Association of aesthetic medicine specialists. Moscow, Russia. Inclusion in Register of certified plastic surgeons. Moscow, Russia.

+7(495) 922-0177



My favorite instrument


Soul of rose (Devoted to my favorite poet Rainer Maria Rilke)




Birth of existence


Lost love


Kingdom of sorrow


Holy world




Angel and unanswered love




Hero. Devoted to Fridrih Nitshe


Lyre and Mirror


Stairs to heaven




Thoughts and fountain




Soul circulation


Blessed smell


Motherland and me


The way of light warrior


Space flower


My guardian angel


The teacher and lotus. Devoted to Akop Movses


Masks, angels and orange wind


Birth of dream and honey in the clouds


The actor and loneliness


Pray in the dream


Flying rustle and vision


Jazz and fish


Copper and passion


Broken heart of mine


Purple cactus and wind


Parrot in meditation


Tender and care


Cracked pomegranate


Sunny morning


Unripe apricot


Night and you


Love and queen


Wind of change


Peach and joy




Flying horse




Breath and home


Message from future


Ruins of the world


Grief and night in private


Only silence is left


What must be done?




Mythical expanse


Word and time


My destiny — my way

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